Beach Buggy Racing

A fast-action game that takes racing beach buggies to a whole new level

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    Racing games

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    Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 10

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    7.0 (23)

Beach Buggy Racing is a racing game for PC and mobile.

This game looks like it should be another piece of shovelware, but it's not. Beneath the groovy exterior is the heart of a real racer, one that takes some time to master but that is a joy to play even when you're terrible. The game feels and sounds like a beach vacation, and you'll get a bit of tropical joy out of every race you win or lose. This is a fantastic little racer that doesn't quite keep up with the big names in the genre, but that does its own thing quite wonderfully.

Are there issues? Of course! The big one is that the game can freeze up from time to time, killing your times and making you restart the program. There are also lag issues that can throw off your control and make you lose races, upping the frustration factor by several orders of magnitude. The most frustrating thing in the game, though, is the lack of content. It feels like there should be more to this game. If the biggest issue is that you want more from a game, though, that probably speaks very well to the design of what's already there.

Beach Buggy racing hits that sweet spot between kart racer and auto sim, giving you the ability to ride in something that's a real vehicle but still giving you all the fun of arcade racing. This game isn't a revelation, and it's certainly not going to change the genre. What it is going to do, though, is give you hours of fun with a smile on your face. This game is a great download.


  • Very fast, zippy racer
  • Great surf music soundtrack
  • Graphics look fantastic


  • Fairly feature poor
  • Can freeze up from time to time
  • Lag often hurts races

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